Helping the environment

It is immensely sad to think that nature speaks while mankind does not listen.

Victor Hugo
O.T.E.C.E. (Order of the Temple of Christ of the Essenes) - OTECE support projects - Helping the environment

Our planet is undergoing severe climate change. The scientific data on the future of the planet is shocking. Every day the planet suffers because of the actions of human beings and it is increasingly urgent to find a solution to this.

Our main activity is focused on the dissemination of news and scientific articles produced by environmental organisations that inform and warn about the current gravity of our planet Earth.

We currently encourage volunteering with different organisations to clean up dirt (plastics, cans, etc.) from mountains, forests and beaches in different municipalities in our country. At the same time, we are disseminating basic information on how to recycle correctly with the intention of making people aware of the current importance of recycling.

O.T.E.C.E. (Orden del Templo de Cristo de los Esenios) - Proyectos de ayuda - Ayuda al MedioambienteOf course our prayers and spiritual actions cover the daily demand of any natural disasters, fires, floods, droughts, extreme pollution or environmental accidents. As well as the negative effects (direct and collateral) produced by wars and armed conflicts. We insist on the importance of water and we work spiritually for the cleanliness of oceans, seas and rivers, and we pray for rain in all the places of the world where it is needed and where there are serious effects of drought. And for access to water supply in those countries where it is difficult or non-existent.