About Us

The O.T.E.C.E. (Order of the Temple of Christ of the Essenes) is an international Christian, spiritual and interreligious non-profit organization for social and humanitarian aid, animal welfare and environmental protection. The foundations of OTECE are based on the precepts and values of the mythical Templars, as well as their predecessors, the Cathars, the Celts and the Essenes. The OTECE originated in Germany at the beginning of 2005. In Spain it started its activities in 2008.

OTECE is open to people of legal age, who feel attracted to follow the philosophy of the mythical Templars and the Essenes and who are willing to altruistically help those most in need (people, animals and/or plants). By plants we mean the whole of our natural environment: oceans, forests, rivers, trees, etc. OTECE does not exclude anyone based on any condition, be it race, thought, religion, political affiliation, sex, social class, education, or any other type of difference. The “Initiates” or “Essenian Master” have the possibility to be internal members and to participate in all the activities, ceremonies, rituals, meetings, and studies of the internal branch of the OTECE. The external members are the collaborators and/or sympathizers who carry out their work by supporting as volunteers the various aid projects of the OTECE’s external branch.

O.T.E.C.E. (Order of the Temple of Christ of the Essenes) - The bearers of truth